What's in my Makeup Bag this Spring?

11th Apr 2017

What's in my Makeup Bag this Spring?

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Every now and again I like to switch up my makeup look. Recently I've been sticking to the same products everyday so I decided it was time for a change!! I've picked up a few new bits and some of my old favourites to create my updated spring makeup! All of these products are drugstore so you can buy on a budget!!!


This is the first product I've been using for spring as I like to make my skin look healthy and glowy! The highlight I use is the Collection Speedy Highlighter in 01 Pearl Sheen! So far I love this product! It doesn't leave you looking glittery but gives just the right amount of pigment! The consistancy is creamy and smooth and works for all skintones. It gives such a nice spring glow!


Blush is the one thing I haven't changed much and I really want to branch out! The one I will never grow out is Miss Sporty Insta Glow Blusher in 001 Luminous Beige! There has been a debate by bloggers whether this is a highlighter or blush but I think it can be used as both!! If you put enough on your brush it works well as a blush but if you just put a small amount on it works quite nicely as a highlighter! What's your opinion? I love the shade of this one and I think it really compliments the highlighter!!!! 


1. I've been varying between two eyeshadow looks this season. The first one is my Miss Sporty Jumbo Eyeshadow Crayon in 170 Strawberry Coulis. The colour is a really nice rosy pink and the eyeshadow is very creamy. You don't have to sharpen it so you just wind it up which is very handy aswell!

2. The other eyeshadow is my Rimmel 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette in Pinkadilly Circus which is such a cute name!! The shadows have a beautiful shimmer and great pigment. I really like blending the Bright Pink, Light Pink and Purple to create a really pretty pinky shade!!


I only use a clear mascara but the one I have been loving is the Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara . I use this for my lashes but also to fix my brows in place. It works really well and lasts all day long! I love the way it makes your eyes look big and awake which is ideal in a spring look!!! 


Obviously I don't wear the same lipstick every day so I'm going to talk about a couple of the options I've been wearing!

1. Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick in Pink-A-Boo. So this is a recent purchase but so far I'm in love! The product is long lasting but doesn't leave you with dry lips. My lips feel super moisturising all day. The finish is more glossy so if you are more of a matte lover this may not be for you! 

2. The second lipstick is quite possibly my favourite lipstick ever. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Asia is what I'm talking about. The product has such a smooth creamy consistancy and applies really easily!! If you are after a long lasting lipstick this is a definate go to for me! If you decided to buy it online I would say go to your nearest Superdrug/Boots and test the colours to find one that suits you!

So thats it for my spring look! I'd love to know some of the products your loving as I'd love to try them! I'd also love to know some of your holy grail products!!! All you need to do is click on the pencil in the top corner of the page and create an account! Then you'll be able to comment on my posts!

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