What a year...

1st Jan 2018

What a year...

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2017 has been a good one.

A lot has happened. My instagram (@onegirlsdream) has grown by 250 more followers, for me this has been a big achievement. My blog and instagram have began so much more alive! My next instagram goal is to get 400 followers by my birthday (4th of May) and beat the algorithm which I'm sure is many others bloggers goal too! 

This year I have four main New Years Resolutions:

1. Be more organised and tidy.

2. Drink more water.

3. Put a positive attitude on things.

4. Manage my time better.

I wanted to make my resolutions achieveable this year so they are pretty basic. But I'll hopefully be able to achieve them which I don't manage most years so wish me luck!

I just wanted to spend a minute to say thankyou for the constant support I have got this year if it wasn't for you reading my posts or like my instagram pictures my blog wouldn't have grown as much as it has. I'll have had OneGirlsDream for 2 years on the 10th of January, and no I haven't grown as quickly as other bloggers but it's not a competition which I think is important to remember. Those of you who have joined me on my journey, thankyou for joining and for those of you who have been here since the very beginning and my very cheesy Hello World post then thankyou for sticking with me, I couldn't do it without you.

Right enough of that. I hope you had an amazing 2017 and that your 2018 is even better <3

Livvy xxx

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