Top 5 makeup brands!

17th Feb 2017

Top 5 makeup brands!

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Hello Dreamers! Todays post is going to be my Top 5 makeup brands. These makeup brands are all drugstore and in my opinion are my favourite.I'm going to list them from 5th downwards and explain a little about why I love them!

Top 5 makeup brands!

In 5th place is.... Sleek!!!

Sleek makeup is a pretty new brand that hasn't had much recognition. They are a great starter makeup brand for all ages but I would say a lot of their products are based for teens/early adults. A good bonus for Sleek is that their products are cruelty-free which means they are able to attract a wide range of customers. Sleek's main focus in the makeup seems to be their broad range of palletes from Contour and Highlighter to Eyes and Lips. Most of their products are well pigmanted and very long lasting. I would rate Sleek a 7/10 for great lasting products.


In 4th place is.... NYX!!!

Before I begin am I the only one who just discovered NYX is actually pronounced "nix" and not letter by letter? NYX is an American company first founded in 1999. In 2014 it was sold to the well known company L'Oréal and since then it has been a big demand worldwide. I think the greatest thing about this company is their HUGE range of not just products but the amounts of colours. I went to a Boots store the other week and 3 full rows of makeup was full of the brand and I wouldn't say it was the biggest Boots I'd been to. Like Sleek, NYX is 100% cruelty free. I think their prices are the biggest out of the five brands I'm talking about but definatly is worth it. I'm giving them a 8/10.


In 3rd place is.... H&M!!!

In the past you'd be known to pop in to H&M to get a new top but now you cannot help but miss the huge selection of makeup now available. You could buy your whole makeup bag from H&M including the bag!!! There is such a wide choice of colours and finishes and the packaging is very professional looking. The makeup itself is full of pigment and the shades are very versitile, being able to give different effects. I will give H&M a 8.5/10 for a great new brand.


In 2nd place is.... Miss Sporty!!!

I LOVE Miss Sporty. Makeup should be for fun and they capture that so well in their products. All the products feel weightless on your skin and are very natural perfect for a teen like me. The biggest bonus is the price. Miss Sporty is easy to afford at some of the lowest prices I've seen for makeup. But doesn't that make you think, what about the quality? If it's this cheap is it good for the skin? The answer to that is yes! The quality is amazing! Because of the amazing price and excellent quality I'm giving Miss Sporty a 9/10.


In 1st place is....Rimmel!!! 

Rimmel was founded in 1834, yes 1834 but was originally a perfumery. Since then many many well know faces such as Kate Moss, Rita Ora and Georgia May Jagger have put their names to products. Although Rimmel began in London, U.K hence the motto "Get The London Look", Rimmel is now available in 39 countries. Both their products and packaging is very high quality.I would definatly reccomend Rimmel as an amazing brand therefore I am giving them a 9.5/10.

So thats it! If you don't own anything from some of these brands, or are just starting out makeup and need some help in deciding what brand is good for you, definatly check them out! You can find most of these in Boots except from H&M! I hope you enjoyed! 

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    Vicass0709 14th Mar 2017 @ 18:01

    This is really good

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    Livvy from East Sussex 3rd Apr 2017 @ 08:17

    @Vicass0709 Thankyou!! Glad you enjoyed it. Livvy x

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