Top 5 Books for Teenage Girls

18th Feb 2017

Top 5 Books for Teenage Girls

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Top 5 books for teenage girls: Hey guys! I'm Jasmine, Livvy's cousin. I'm here this week because Livvy has asked me to write a guest post on her blog, which I am super excited about! I'm going to be writing about our top five books for teenage/ preteen girls!

Top 5 Books for Teenage Girls

#1 - Girl Online, by Zoella
This series is extremely popular among girls our age. They are about a girl called Penny, whose life is changed when her previously anonymous blog goes viral. When she travels to New York City, she meets a boy named Noah. These books are full of twists and turns, perfect for an engaging read. I know that both Livvy and I love them! 

#2 - Geek Girl, by Holly Smale
Both Livvy and I have read and loved this series. I know that it is very popular among teens/preteens, which is why I think you'll love it! Harriet Manners, the main character, is very unique. She is not the kind of person that most authors choose to write about. However, I love the books, and can easily relate to the things she says! These books include themes of modelling, bullying, friendship, and also relationships.

#3 - Scarlet and Ivy, by Sophie Cleverly
This book is extremely adventurous and mysterious. It's also about twins- what's with the twins today?- and also about a boarding school, like St. Clare's, but instead, Scarlett must go on a search for her ,issuing sister's diary pages, to find out what has happened to her. When reading this book, I couldn't put it down! Although I haven't yet read the second book in the series, I'm sure it will be just as exciting as the first one!

#4 - St Clare's, by Enid Blyton
This series by the world-famous author, Enid Blyton, is about two girls, (twins) who move to a new school. Although at first they decide to be so bad that they are expelled, the girls come to realise that they love it there, and get used to the new environment. These books are so much fun to read, and I would definitely recommend them to girls aged 9+.

#5 - Amy Green, by Sarah Webb
This series addresses all of the embarrassments and problems of being a teenage girl. Amy is such a funny character, and I feel like her personality is somewhat similar to mine, which is possibly one of the things that made me addicted to these books! So, if you're in the mood for a good laugh, and some relatable stories, then this series will definitely be for you!

Thanks for reading guys! Hopefully this post will have helped you decide what to read next!
Keep dreaming!

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    Vicass0709 11th Mar 2017 @ 18:25

    This is really helpful thanks I will definitely bear this in mind for when's a bit older

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