The Book That Changed My Perspective

24th Jan 2018

The Book That Changed My Perspective

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'doesn't exactly sound like your usual Waterstones find'

So at first, when I bought this (courtesy of Petite Ellie), I assumed it would be a jokey sorta book. 'Read This If You Want To Be Instagram Famous' doesn't exactly sound like your usual Waterstones find. But believe me this has completely changed my viewpoint on blogging and Instagram.

Three Things The Book Made Me Realise 

1. You don't have to travel often/ live in an instagramable town with cute aesthetic cafe's round every corner to get cute pics.

2. Instagram doesn't necessarily have to cost a fortune.

3. These things take a lotta hard work. It ain't gonna happen overnight. 

These days, everyone and everything seems super competitive on instagram it's sometimes hard to keep up. Blogging and Instagram should be enjoyable and I feel like many people are taking it so seriously, like I respect if its your income but sometimes it's important  to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. This book has really helped!

I have learn't so much from reading this. It has completely changed everything for me in the blogging industry. Shared things I would have never thought about. Given tips that have changed my photography and has given me a push of confidence. If you don't have it already and are an aspiring Instagrammer/Blogger, get your hands on it here before its too late! 

Livvy xxx

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