Summer Treats

10th Jul 2016

Summer Treats

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As summer slowly makes it way into Britain ,its time to make some tasty treats. So today I have put together three of my own summer recipes perfect for your next BBQ or get-together.

My Avacado Dip

I love avacados so I came up with this super tasty dip. I use Ryvita Thins to dip in mine. You can also use this as a sandwich filler.

You will need:

An avacado

1 1/2 teaspoons of low fat mayonise

4 sugersnap peas

A mini pepper or 1/4 of a full sized pepper

1/8 of a clove of garlic

3 teaspoons of sweetcorn

Salt and Pepper

Serves 2


1.Mash up your avacado into a bowl and add in your mayonise whilst mixing.

2. Wash and cut your pepper and sugersnap peas into fine slices.

3. Crush your garlic and add into the bowl as well as your sweetcorn,suger snap peas and pepper.

4. Give it a good mix and season with salt and pepper.

And there you have it a really simple but tasty dip.

Strawberries and Cream Cake.

This cake is soooooo yummy and soooooo summery.If you won't be eating the cake in one day then use freeze dried strawberries.

 You will need:

A classic victoria sponge click here for the recipe I used but don't use the filling recipe.

For the buttercream:

100g of icing suger

100g of unsalted butter.

80g of freeze dried or fresh strawberries.

Icing suger to dust on the top.


1. To start with, mix your butter and suger to make a simple buttercream using an electronic mixer for ease.

2. Then, add in your strawberries slowly mixing by hand.

3. Once all mixed, spread onto a slice of sponge and sandwich together.

4. And to finish , lightly dust icing suger on top.

Super Srumptious Sausage sandwich with a tasty tomato relish.

I personally love a sausage sandwich after a BBQ but you could serve these insted of your hot dog. With my homemade slightly spicy sauce everyone will love these.

You will need:

 Bread (i like the crusty white type you can get at the bakers)

BBQ cooked sausages or oven cooked at 180c on a fan oven.


For the relish:

Tomato Ketchup

Chilli Sauce 

Red Onion 

Spring Onion



1. Cook two sasauges for 20 minutes at 180c fan oven turning occaionally.

2. Spread 2 slices of bread.

For the relish:

1. Squirt 3 tablespoons of ketchup into a bowl.

2. Slowly mix in chilli sauce quantity depending on how hot you like it. I use around half a teaspoon.

3. Chop half a red onion and add it to your mix.

4. Then add in two spring onions finely chopped.

5. Add half a clove of garlic and give it a good mix.

Back to the sandwich:

3. Spread a layer of the relish onto your bread.

4. Then half a sausasage and put on your bread.

5. And finally put another layer of relish and place your last piece of bread on!

So everybody,I hope these recipes come in handy I love trying new recipes. If you have ideas for future post plese comment them below. Show me if you make any of these recipes using #OGDSUMMER on instagram!

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  • J
    Jasmine 11th Feb 2017 @ 19:06

    I want to make the avocado dip... it sounds delicious! ????

  • L
    Livvy from East Sussex 5th Apr 2017 @ 08:02

    @Jasmine I think it is delicious too! Perfect for avocado lovers!! x

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