something very exciting is happening!

11th Nov 2017

something very exciting is happening!

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This year I am going to be doing something very exciting on the countdown to christmas. It is inspired by a mixture of Vlogmas and the traditional song "The Twelve Days Of Christmas"

any guesses?


I probably gave too much away 



well done livvy


I have decided to do the twelve days of blog posts challenge! That's right, I'm going to be an online Advent Calender  ... kinda... sort of.... no 

Every other day on the countdown to Christmas a new blog post will go up! That means you will get TWELVE CHRISTMAS POSTS and maybe a couple extra in november! I spoil you! I am so excited for Christmas so I thought what better way to share my love of christmas than blog about it!  Also I thought keep dreaming sounded a bit cheesy so instead I'll sign off with 

Livvy x

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