Save or Splurge Nude Lips Edition!

23rd Apr 2017

Save or Splurge Nude Lips Edition!

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Hi Dreamers! I am so excited about this post! Today I am going to be reviewing a combination of Drugstore and High End Lipsticks and deciding whether to save or splurge. That is the question!! I have chosen three nude lipsticks to review and I will leave links to each of the products so you can purchase them yourselves. At the end of this post, we shall find out whether we are paying for the quality or just the beautiful packaging! Let's get started!

1. Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade 40:

Now, I have to say this is one of my least favourite Rimmel Lipsticks. Due to how it looks on my skin. I feel it doesn't really suit me. Besides that, the product is super creamy so gets a 10/10 for that. It feels nice on the lips, doesn't feel tacky or dry. Though it is not the easiest product to apply. Because of the light shade you have to apply quite a few layers to reach a desired amount. So for that point, I'm giving it a 6/10. When I took a drink it did stain the cup but seemed to stay on my lips proving the name Lasting Finish is correct. Which I think deserves a 8/10. Overall I'm giving this lipstick a 6/10. Click here to try yours. But for £5.49 I don't think we can be too harsh!!!

2. Mac Frost Finish Lipsick in shade Angel:

Moving on to the High End side of things. This lipstick you definatly get what you pay for. The application is smooth and leaves you with a flawless finish. Although this is a nude shade, it has a hint of pink giving a softer look whilst brightening your complextion. Some nude lipsticks can leave you looking a little washed out but this is the perfect shade. So, I'm giving that side of things a 10/10. The consistancy is creamy and doesn't leave you with dry lips. For that I'm giving it a 9/10. Now onto the drink test. Here is the only downside, I found it stained my cup and when I took a sip most of the product had faded so I'll give that a 7/10. Overall Angel is such a great prouduct for £16. Get yours here and you won't regret it!!!! I'm giving it a 9/10.

 3. Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G in Penelope Pink:

And finally and the most expensive of all Charlotte Tilbury's Penelope Pink. You can't go wrong with this shade. It suits all skintones and is just a flawless colour. The way it applied was a huge yes! So smooth on the lips. For that reason I give this area 10/10. It is a beautiful nude with pink undertones! It looks so delicate and gives any makeup look that delicate touch. Unfortunatly it felt a little dry on my lips after a while but at first, such a creamy conisistancy. So I'm giving that point a 6/10. Although it stained my cup a little, once I had taken a drink it looked just as pigmented which is a dream! I give that point a 10/10. Now, I couldn't review a Charlotte Tilbury Lip Product without mentioning the absolutely gorgeous packaging. So without a doubt it should get a 10/10. Overall, such a good product. Though the price isn't ideal at £24 you definately get what you pay for. Click here to purchase your own and quite possibly sit and stare in awe for the entire week or so!!! 

Now comes the results! I would definately, definately splurge on the higher end products. You do, get what you pay for. I do feel that I could live without the Rimmel Lipstick but try it out yourself to see it on your skintone! This post has been a pretty long one but full of some great products!!! Have you tried any of these? If so let me know below and also tell me out of these 3 you're most likely to buy!

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  • J
    Jasmine 24th Apr 2017 @ 17:02

    I've tried all three and love them all! Mac is my favourite though!

  • L
    Livvy from East Sussex 24th Apr 2017 @ 18:54

    @Jasmine Ooh they are all amazing brands for lipsticks! What shades do you have?? X

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