New Year New Me

1st Jan 2017

New Year New Me

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! 2016 has been an great adventure for me. Making new friends and enjoying times with old ones and of course setting up my corner of the internet here.

I started One Girls Dream on the 23rd January 2016. I didn't expect anyone to read my posts but surprisingly on my 3rd post (15 facts about me) I got 27 views!!!! I'm so grateful for this opportunity it brings so much enjoyment to me and hopefully some of you!

This year I'd like to thank some people who I wouldn't be here without. First of all my Mum, for being so supportive and a great editor for my posts. I'd like to thank my cousin Jasmine for always being the first one to read my blog and ready to give me great inspiration. And obviously my friends and family for always being there for me when I need them.

This year I have made 3 main New Years Resolutions:

1. To be more organised.

2. To be more productive.

3. And to blog more frequently.

I have some great ideas for the future so keep your eyes peeled!

What are your resolutions? Share them in the comments! But for now....

Keep Dreaming




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