My Wishlist

23rd Mar 2017

My Wishlist

Posted by on 23rd Mar 2017 | 2 comments

Hi Dreamers!!!!! I am really excited to write this post as it is something a bit different! I am going to share my Wishlist. This is where I'm going to share all of the things I am loving lately (which I don't own). Every month or so I will add and take off things on this wishlist! Is there anything on here that you are loving lately? If so, I'd love to receive a comment with your thoughts!!! Let's begin...

1. Stila- Matte 'n Metal Eye Shadow Palette

Okay, can we just have a moment to click on the link above and admire how beautiful this palette is!! *10 minutes later, still admiring*. I mean ROSE GOLD IN AN EYESHADOW WAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately (due to expense) this product sits sadly in my wishlist, not my makeup bag but my birthday is May the 4th....

2. Rose Gold Beats Headphones

If you know me well, you shall know I LOVE rose gold. My phone is rose gold, my stationary is rose gold. Yes. I'm a Rose Gold Addict. Anyway on to the point, these Beats have been on my list for a while. They are so stylish and look very comfy. My Dad has a pair of beats similar and you could wear them for hours. Sometimes I feel my headphones hurt after a while but these certainly don't!!!!!!!!!!! 

 3. Adidas Trefoil Logo Hoodie

So when I was younger I thought if you wore one of these you were classed as a "cool kid' *cringes*. For a while I have wanted some clothes from adidas. I LOVE my Stan Smith trainers but I have been really into their clothing. I think this hoodie is really cool and looks so comfortable!!!

4. LK Bennett Mariel Pink Shoulder Bag 

My Mum got one of these for her birthday and I'm not gonna lie, I was jelous. The Metallic Pink colour is so beautiful!!!! I have been really into bags recently and I am after a pink one so I think this could be the one.

5. Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks

OMG if these weren't so expensive all of these would be in my makeup collection but unfortunatly that is never going happen. I mean how beautiful can lipsticks possibly get. The packaging is gorgeous let alone the actual colours. I sent the link to my bag so you can see the shades I love. I fell in love with Pillow Talk the second I saw it. I mean how cute is it!!!!!!!!! Liv It Up had a very appropiate name and the colour is a nice natural pink. Last but not least Bitch Perfect. This has been raved about SO much. My mum has this and I keep on stealing it from her but she hasn't noticed yet!


I hope you enjoyed this post. It was something a bit different but I really enjoyed writing it.

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  • J
    Jasmine 8th Apr 2017 @ 11:43

    I love the Charlotte tilbury lipsticks too! My favourites are the lip glosses though x

  • L
    Livvy from East Sussex 8th Apr 2017 @ 13:14

    @Jasmine Ooh! I've never tried the lip glosses!!!! My favourite CT Lipstick is Penelope Pink! I'm always borrowing it from my mum as it's such a nice shade! xxx

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