My New Love For Amie Skincare

13th May 2017

My New Love For Amie Skincare

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So if you follow me on my Instagram, you will have seen that a few days ago I posted a picture of my gorgeous Amie Skincare I got for my birthday. I never really had a skin care routine until now, apart from cleansing when I wore makeup, but, I really wanted to give something a try.

My New Love For Amie Skincare

I had heard so many amazing reviews on Amie Skincare and how amazing their range is for teenage skin, so very kindly, my mum bought me some products for my birthday. Amie's range all are natural and vegan and unlike some natural brands, which can have quite a bland scent, Amie Skincare has a really fresh floral scent.  Let's see what I got! 

Bright Eyes, Very Gentle Eye Makeup Remover

This product is truly amazing! I have been searching for a eye makeup remover which didn't leave my eyes stinging, sore or dry which is a lot to ask for but this literally ticks all my boxes. With a few drops on a cotton pad all of my eye makeup is removed! My eye doesn't feel irritated after use and doesn't feel greasy either. I definately reccomend this product to makeup lovers!!! Get it for only £4.00

Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash

So this is my first ever facial wash. The only other similar product I have tried is The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser. This is really great! It is super creamy and smells so nice!! A little of this goes a long way! It clears your face and leaves skin soft and refreshed. Another thing I have noticed about all the products is how high-quality they feel for such low prices. £4.95 for 150ml is a pretty good price! 

Morning Light Hydrating Daily Moisturiser

The last product I got was the Hydrating Moisturiser, which I was most excited about! It has the most lovely smooth but silky consistancy which again smells so nice. Once smoothed in, the product feels a little watery so you don't need much. My face feels fresh all day after putting this on. Again you can get this for £4.95.

Altogether, the cost of these products is £13.90. You can buy them online or click on Where to Buy on there website to see where it is sold near you!

 Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I really hope you've enjoyed this post! Do you own any Amie Products? If so, which ones? I'd really like to try the Matte Finish Moisturiser next!

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