My Lazy Day Makeup

22nd Feb 2017

My Lazy Day Makeup

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Hello Dreamers! I feel lately that I have been writing about makeup a lot more. I like the content of post though, what do you think? I haven't done any of my OWN makeup looks yet so today I decided I will! This look is quite natural and is basically when I don't feel like spending ages to get my makeup right!!!! Before we begin I would like to point out that in MY opinion makeup is for fun and I don't use it to hide anything. People have different views and that's fine, this is just my view!


I think I have already said this in a past post but I don't wear foundation or concealer. Instead I just use a simple Moisturizer or Day Cream. Recently I have been using this Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream. I feel this really suits  my sensitive skin and it leaves a light dewy texture and look to my face. I recieved this as a gift but it is a bit on the pricey side. Get yours here and you won't regret it!


I think blusher is a really important step in my daily routine! If you are a regular reader you will know one of my favourite brands EVER is Miss Sporty! I mentioned this product in my Teens Makeup Essentials in Under £15 but I think it definatly could have some recognition here this post. Yes, it's the Insta Glow blusher in Luminous Beige. This product definatly lives up to its name giving a beautiful natural glow. It is a staple product in my makeup bag and if it isn't in yours already click here! 

3. Eyeshadow 

I feel like I have crazes of makeup. When a certain product is part of my makeup for 2 months or so. For my eyes I use this H&M pallete (read my Top 5 Makeup Brands for more detail). This is in the colour Smoky Nudes and it's beautiful! There is 8 matte shades and 1 more glittery shade. The wide range of colours allows you to reach many looks such as Smoky Eye and more of a nude daily look. I've had this since Christmas but I think I'll definatly want to re-stock! You can get it here.

4. Mascara

This is my newest product to my bag so I wouldn't say I know what's what but so far I have seen amazing results! I'm talking about the Miss Sporty (see how much I love the brand) Just Clear Macara. This is my first ever Mascara and I am officially in love! It's not clumpy and gives just the right effect! I already have long eyelashes but they are kind of thin at the end which I wanted to fix. So far I have seen a natural improvement and it really conditions the lashes. From what I've picked up on the wand is quite straight which makes it harder to apply, many wands I've seen are more curved to fit the shape of lashes. Overall I love this and this is such a starter makeup necessity. Here is where I got it from.

5. Lipstick 

If you know my makeup style well then you will know I use Rimmel for my lips all the way! So here is another Rimmel Lipstick which I haven't mentioned before. This is the Lasting Finish Range in number 006 Pink Blush. The colour is goregously pigminted and it feels smooth on the lips! It is a matte lip with just a dab, you're ready to go! This is it!

That's it! My Lazy Day products. As you can tell I don't wear much on my face but I feel for a day where you are just at home this is just enough. Depending on my mood, sometimes I skip lipstick but I like applying makeup! 

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