My Guide On Being A Blogger

15th Apr 2017

My Guide On Being A Blogger

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Hi Dreamers! So I wanted to do something different to help the bloggers starting out! I have a few tricks and tips which really helped me get started so I'm going to share them with you now! But before we begin, I would just like to say I don't class myself as a popular, amazing blogger. I am just here to share my experiences and what helps me blog!

Social Media:

So this one might be a little obvious but the best way to gain followers and viewers is to set up a Social Media account! Instagram and Twitter are two of the most popular for teens/bloggers. If you are active on your socials, you can draw people in who then find your blog! A great way to popularise yourself is to use well known hashtags such as #instagood #instaworthy #blogger #love #instagram and what your blog is about. Also, commenting on other bloggers posts and staying interactive really helps boost those follows!


If you are starting a blog, decide how often you are going to post. This helps stay organised and lets your viewers know when to check back on your page to read your recent post! Many people post once a week, twice a week or daily! Find a routine that suits you and allows you to prepare for your next post! If you are doing a diary blog then daily is probably the best option! I choose to post twice a week to give me time to write another post! On social media many people post daily to keep producing content for their followers! Make sure you don't over post as people will get annoyed with their feed filled with all your posts and are most likely to unfollow! 1-3 posts a day is a good balance!

Theme/ Style: 

One of the most important things to know about blogging is what are you actually blogging about? You need to know this to find people who are interested in your theme for example: Beauty, Travel, Food or a hobby of yours! Many people chose lifestyle, a mix of all of the above! Your style of writing sticks, so having a friendly, positive attitude to your writing is always very welcoming!

So I hope if you are starting out this will help you! On Instagram (OneGirlsDreamUK) I am setting up a support club so please DM if you are interested! In the club I will create a DM chat for bloggers who can share and talk about blogging and give each other advice! 

Keep Dreaming




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