My Evening Routine - School Edition

24th Apr 2017

My Evening Routine - School Edition

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Hello everybody! A month or so ago I posted my Morning Routine when I am not at school! I got more views than normal and a few people suggested I did a Evening Routine. Now, as we are all back at school, I thought it would make sense to write my After School Evening Routine instead of when I am not at school! Some days I do have dance after school but this routine is for the days I don't! Anyway, enough chatter, lets start the routine!

So I get back after school at around 4pm. I usually grab a snack when I get in (currently I am still demolishing easter eggs!!!) and head upstairs with my laptop!  When I get into my room I get changed into some comfortable clothes which has recently been baggy trousers and a tee shirt! Whilst I eat my snack I check out my social media ansd see whats been going on in the day! If I am feeling motivated enough I do sometimes start on my homework meaning I don't end up on a saturday morning sitting in a pile of homework! If not I like to take pictures for my Instagram or make a start on writing a new blog post! If you didn't already know, I play the guitar. So quite often I like to practice. Recently I've been learning Shape Of You, by Ed Sheeran, which I love playing so much! 

At around 5:30/6:00 I have my dinner. Yummy! 

Then I just chill for a bit! I usually whatsapp friends, watch youtube or make musical.lys! I do post on instagram around then, but I'd like to know when you are most active on instagram! Comment below when you are most active! Then I have a bath or shower. Once a week I usually use a Lush Bath Bomb!! I also always use a body butter! I did a post on some of my favourites so check that out! I don't wear makeup on weekdays when I have school so I don't have to cleanse. Now I just climb into bed, grab a book or magazine and read for a while! That's it!

I hope you enjoyed! If you have any post suggestions please comment them below! But alway remember...

Keep Dreaming!



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