My Dreams...

21st Mar 2017

My Dreams...

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Hello Dreamers!!! Today's post is going to be about something close to my heart. Dreams. I know this may sound cheesy but I basically just want to share with you want I want to achieve/what I want to get out of life!!! Make sure you are following my Instagram for sneak peeks and photography. Can we get 70 followers by the end of the week!!! Oh and who's excited for Easter? I CAN NOT wait!!!! Enough chatter, on to the point.

Before I start. I'm 10 (nearly 11) but I do know that life isn't all cupcakes and rainbows (stolen that saying off of Trolls, it's a great film). I also know that if you if you work hard you can do what ever you want. You could fly to space; you could join the army; become a pilot; the choice is yours. So my first goal/dream is to work hard, have fun but not become distracted. Then, I will have a wide range of opportunites when I leave school. 

Often, at school the question is often asked. What do you want to be when you're older? I have friends who already know they want to be an artist or a mechanic but that could all change. I'm going to ask you all reading this that same question. Is there something you are passionate about that you'd want to turn into a job? Leave a comment, I would love to know. Now I'm going to answer that question and the answer is: I'm honestly not entirely sure. I love to dance but I'm not sure if I want to base my life on it and that be how I live. And don't get me wrong blogging is my passion but do I want to turn a hobbie into a job? I guess that way, I would love my job. But I know for sure that I do want to continue blogging.

Me and Jasmine have had similar dreams, we want to do something with beauty!! I'm not sure whether I want to do makeup tutorials and set up a youtube channel where I could get my income from there or if I want to go down the route of making my own products in a range!

Now onto more about what I want for a living. This is going to be more easier to answer. I want to get married and have children, that I know for sure. I want to live near where I live now!! Maybe, before having children, I will travel. I really want to go to the States so maybe I will go there. Another thing is about Uni and College, which one? At present, I think I would prefer College but I still have 7/8 years in front of me so who knows what could happen!

I hope this post hasn't been too long, I just really wanted to share it with you!!!!!!! As always, I hope you liked this post and I'd love to hear your dreams in the comments!!!!

Keep Dreaming



Ps. At the time of editing, I have just found out my rabbit has died. If I am not active on social media or here this is the reason why.Thankyou Livvy x

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