LUSH Bloggers Event

14th Oct 2017

LUSH Bloggers Event

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'I still found glitter on me three days after!"

LUSH Bloggers Event

The Friday before last (6th of October) I went to the Christmas and Halloween Event at LUSH Tunbridge Wells. It was such an enjoyable evening and a very eductational one too! 

So the evening started with some demos! The staff in every lush store I've been to are genuinly so nice but especially in Tunbridge Wells. We got to take some pictures (there were so many opportunities) and smell and watch all the products fizz away! 

Then we went upstairs ,which in most stores is used as the "party room". We made a Sunnyside bubble bar. If you've never tried it, you've probably seen it as it is the all over glittery one in a teardrop shape. I'm still finding glitter in some of the most random places today! It has a beautiful citrus scent for those of you who don't know. The Christmas and Halloween ranges this year are definately the best they've ever been!

Now for a fact....

In 2016, 5 million plastic bottles were used by Lush. Alone.

Even though they're recycleable that is a huge amount. So Lush have came up with an effective soloution to try and  bring those statistics down. Naked products. This all started with the bubble bar which has been around for a while! With normal brands these are in a liquid format. And now they have created shower gels, body conditioners and lip scrubs which are all naked! 

At the end of the evening, the lovely sales assistants helped us shop. They were all very informative so don't be afraid to ask! I ended up buying the Pumpkin Bath Bomb and Christmas Sweater for myself and for my sister, Sherbet Dip and the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb which is so cool! 

Lush also kindly gifted us two products. First, Santa Baby which is a Naked Lip Scrub. I use this everyday and I wouldn't change. A lip scrub is really important in the winter and I feel I'm definately going to have to restock! The other product in my bag was the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb, when we saw a demo of this I loved the strange but nice consictancy so I can't wait to give this a go! 

This post has been super long but I hope you enjoyed it! Have you been to a Lush event before?

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