Introducing Little Dreamer!!!!!

7th Apr 2017

Introducing Little Dreamer!!!!!

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Hi Dreamers!!!! As you can tell by the title of this post, I'm going to be introducing a little somebody to our community!

Little Dreamer is my younger sister!!! She is 7 years old, loves blue and enjoys dancing, drawing and sports! Her favourite subjects at school are P.E and Art but she also enjoys Maths. LD has an obsession with pugs but loves all dogs really!!! So now you know a bit about my younger and only sister!!! I have mentioned her before in posts as Belle but I thought it would be time to give her a dreamer name!!!! She won't be writing any posts just yet but she will be commenting on the posts written! 

So thats it for this super quick post!!!! 

Keep Dreaming 




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