Im Back/ Updates

10th Jul 2016

Im Back/ Updates

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Hello Everyone! Firstly I would like to say a massive apology for being soooo in-active throughout the last couple of months. I have been really busy with school work/ homework and other commitments.

So now Im back I have a ton of ideas I will share with you in the next few months as the school year starts to draw to a close. Aswell as a few compitions and maybe a cheaky giveaway I am hoping for an action packed summmer with you all.

Don't forget to follow me on my instagram (link in my hello world post) to be the first to hear about many posts and exciments here on my blog. I have also set up a youtube account (onegirlsdeam) so keep your eyes peeled for a video or two! I am also hopeful to be setting up more social media like facebook and twitter in the future.

Okay once again I am so sorry but glad to be back. Can we get this post to 20 views. Look out for more features coming up onto this page. One question, what shall I call my viewers please leave suggestions in the comments and post your ideas to my instagram.

Keep Dreaming!



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