Hello World

23rd Jan 2016

Hello World

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Hello everyone, I'm Livvy and I live in Sussex.. I love art, baking, shopping, beauty, dancing and, of course, family and friends! I am so excited to share all of my thoughts, feelings and ideas with you all.This is a dream come true.

I was inspired by many youtubers who created blogs to make my own. So many ideas arrived in my head and thats where it all started. When I was eight I started watching youtube loom band tutorials and that's when I was introduced to youtube. Then, around 5 months ago, I discovered other youtubers who had blogs similar to my interests so from then on I have been obsessed! I found out my cousin was also interested in the same youtubers so I really loved the idea of having my own blog.    


So now the opportunity has come! I hope you will find something you are insterested about and always keep dreaming for your goals like me! I wish to be a artist and a blogger when I am older! What do you want to be? Tell me in the comments below! 

Dont forget to follow my istagram  at onegirlsdreamuk

Keep Dreaming!



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    Livvy from East Sussex 23rd Jan 2016 @ 11:29

    Yay hope you enjoy everyone!

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Author: Livvy

I'm Livvy, a young girl living in the heart of Sussex! I enjoy experimenting with makeup, dancing, baking and being with my f...