Hello again....

5th Jul 2017

Hello again....

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Long time no speak....

Hello lovely people of the internet! It's been a while since I last sat down and wrote a post but it's really nice to be writing again. 

So it's nearly the summer holiday which means I'm going to be so much more active. I have a few blog posts in mind which I'm very excited to be sharing with you. I also have a fun summer series planned which is going to involve all of you. It will be carried out on here and my Instagram (onegirlsdreamuk). More information will be given at a later date but I wanted to give you a quick taster for what is coming up. 

It is really refreshing to be writing a post again and I am so excited to spend the summer with you on here! I'd like to be more interactive with the people who read my blog and all you need to do to be involved in my community is make an account on my blog. To do that, click the pencil button on the left hand corner of the page, click create an account from there and follow the instructions on the page. It is that easy! Once you have set that up you will be a part of the Dream Family!!!! 

A feature of being part of the family is being able to comment on my posts, so once you've set up your account comment on this post so I can see any new members of the family.

I hope this post hasn't been too long! Love you all!!!

Keep Dreaming





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