Evening Skincare Routine

8th Jan 2018

Evening Skincare Routine

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Recently I have been trying out some new skincare products and finally I've found a combination perfect for me.

Evening Skincare Routine

To take my makeup off, I use the Amie Petal Perfect Micellar Water. This doubles as a toner and can be used on eyes aswell but I tend to use the Amie Very Gentle Eye Makeup Remover to insure makeup free eyes!

For cleanser I use the Soap&Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk. This is the perfect consistency for a cleanser: Not too watery, not too thick. My skin always feels so soft and lovely after using this! 

I try and use a mask once a week and I love Boots Ingredients sheet masks : especially the Lotus Flower and Tiger Lily one

The final step in my routine is moisturiser. To moisturise, I use Amie Matte Finish moisturiser. This is a holy grail product in my routine, I cannot live without it!

Do you have a holy grail skincare product?

I hope you enjoyed finding out my evening skincare routine. If you would like a morning skincare routine or any routines in general please let me know by commenting below or via my instagram!

How is everyone's 2018 going? I hope it has started in the best way possible! 

Livvy xxx

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