#Day6 Smile!

3rd Jun 2017

#Day6 Smile!

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Today's post is all about smiling! This probably sounds so cheesy but I wanted a title that summed up everything I'm going to talk about in this post!

5 Ways To Feel Better:

When I'm feeling really sluggish and horrible here are five things that make a difference.

1. Go Outside, getting fresh air is really important and always helps.

2. Declutter, tidy the room you spend most of your time in! 

3. Drink Water, staying hydrated makes me feel tons better!

4. Eat Healthy, don't eat stodgy foods! I like making a fruit salad.

5. Have a device ban! Don't go on any eletronic devices for an hour or two. This really gets you motivated to find something to do instead of checking up on social media.


5 Things That Make Me Happy:

Smiling is healthy so think of 5 things that make you happy. Write them down and put them in a place you can easily see them. Everyday, try to complete one of those things! Here are 5 of mine:

1. Reading makes me really happy. I love having a good book to read.

2. Laughter. This one sounds so weird but I love laughter. Whether it's watching a funny youtube video or just joking with my family, it puts me in such a good mood!

3. Seeing other people smile. Something about seeing someone else smile makes me feel so happy!                                        

4. Feeling fresh. Feeling fresh and clean makes me feel really motivated and ready!

5. Sunny weather. When the sun is shining it makes me feel so optimistic and happy.

Something else that I think is really important is staying calm. If you can tell you are going to get cross, go into another room and count to 10. This technique really helps me feel more happier so I think you should try it too!

This has been quite a different post but I hope you have enjoyed it! Tomorrow is my last post before I go back to my normal schedule! I hope you liked the 7 days of posts!

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