#Day5 June Goals

1st Jun 2017

#Day5 June Goals

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Happy June! Today's post is going to be all about the things I want to happen this June and all my goals for the month!

1. Wear Less Makeup 

I'm going to try to wear less makeup this month! I'm planning on only wearing makeup Sunday's or on a special occasion! 

2. Stay More Positive

I don't know about you, but this summer term at school put's me in a pretty bad mood! Because there are so many exciting things on I am super busy which ends up in me being really pesimistic. So I want to try stay positive this month!

3. Stay On Top Of Things

This goal is really being more organised. Pre-Writing for on here and Pre-Shooting pictures for my instagram! If I achieve this goal I think it will help my second goal!

4. Eat More Healthy 

I love summer fruits so I'm going to try be more healthy be eating them a lot more! 

So they are my 4 main goals for this month! This post was inspired by PetiteElliee and her May Goals! I hope you enjoyed! What are your goals for this month? Stay tuned for a May Favourites coming your way!

Keep Dreaming



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