#Day4 W7 Colour Me Nude Review

31st May 2017

#Day4 W7 Colour Me Nude Review

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Hello Everyone! I'm very excited to write this post today as it is all about my W7 Colour Me Nude Eyeshadow Palette! It is such a must have range of colours for any occasion! I thought I'd review it today, but also I'm going to share a couple of the looks I've been creating using this palette.

#Day4 W7 Colour Me Nude Review

Firstly, the packaging of the product is very sturdy which immediately makes it more reliable. The colours themselves are very pigmented and have beautiful names. If you are looking for one palette,to take on holiday or just for money saving, that has all the colours you would ever need this is definately the one for you! Also, may I point out that this is the only eyeshadow palette I've seen with a soft end brush instead of sponge! (Exuse my brush definations there, hopefully you know what I mean!) This is the first product I've ever tried from W7 but it's certainly created a great first impression!

Now onto the looks: 

For the base of all the looks I'm going to show you, I used the shade Latte.

Laid Back:

For a subtle look, I started by using the shade Venice all over the lid. Then I went in with a mix of Angel and Copper Pot in the crease to finish it off! This look is super quick and easy for everyday!

Pinky Shimmer:

This look is perfect when you just want to add that little bit more to your makeup. I used Angel all over the lid after applying my base. Next I took Copper Pot and put this on the outer area of my eye (furthest away from my nose). In the crease I used Sun Kissed to give some warmth to my eye. Under the eye I used a small stroke of Angel to finish it all of. Then I blended it all together and voila! 

Evening Go-To: 

This final look is a little more smoky which makes it perfect for evenings out or a special occasion. I went straight in with the shade Bad Manners after using Latte for my base. Then I took Coffee Cup and popped it on that outer area I was talking about earlier. In my crease, I used a small amount of Mud Slide and blended them all together. For more defination -which is totally optional- I took a little bit of Fashionista and put this on my waterline which I think gives a really cool effect!

And thats it! A review and three looks all using my W7 pallete! I reccomend you take a look at it for yourself here. 

I hope you enjoyed my post today. Tomorrow's post will be uploaded in the morning by the way! I did mention this on my instagram but I thought I'd say it on here incase you missed it! 

Keep Dreaming 



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