#Day3 A Fun Day Out!

31st May 2017

#Day3 A Fun Day Out!

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Something a little different for my third post! Yesterday I went on a trip to a local wood, so I thought I'd share my adventure with you!

#Day3 A Fun Day Out!

We arrived at 10:30 and met my friend, who was coming with us. My sister and my friend's younger siblings came along too! The first thing we did was went down a secret pathway where people made fairy houses! We based ours at the bottom of a tree and collected moss and braken for a carpet!!!

After a small walk we came to a tree which we all climed. But then, my friends younger brother got stuck so we all had to help him get down! We carried on walking until we reached a little park area with a zipwire and a giant swing which we had so much fun on!!!

At around 12 we stopped for a snack at the little cafe. I had a slice of the most amazing caramel cake and a super tasty hot chocolate!!!! After we had boosted our energy, we set of on another walk in the woods! We came to a clearing where people made little tents out of long sticks and leaves so we made our own! It took ages but looked really good! Then we went back to where we had been before and went in a massive Wig Wam which was really cool!

We ended our trip at around half four with another last play at the park! It was a great day, but an exausting one too!

What have you been doing this half term? Leave a comment, I'd love to know!

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