Copic Pens Guide and Review

3rd Jan 2017

Copic Pens Guide and Review

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A week ago I shared with you my love of Kristina Webb and her colouring books, one of which I received for Christmas. Todays post goes hand in hand.

Copic Pens Guide and Review

Two Christmas' ago, I was given my first set of Copics. Copic ciao set of 36 A colours marker pens.Copic is an company selling all things art and  are a perfect brand for artists in need of some equippment. Each pen is equipped with a Medium Broad and Super Brush nib. Medium Broad is more chunky rather than Super Brush is like a paint brush . Overall these pens have been incredible and are perfect for artists of all ranges. 

This Christmas I was given another set of Copic ciao, this time a skin tone set. This group comes with six pens in total but is known as one of the 5+1 sets. Aswell as 5 skin tones the set comes with a 0.3mm multiliner black pen - which is basically just a fine line pen good for outlines of drawings. 

Copic themselves are a great brand. Yes they are on the pricy side but really are worth it. However, the ink bleeds through the surface leaving an ink stain on the working top or next sheet of paper therefore, thicker paper is handy. I would reccomend these pens and the entire range to any aspiring artists. 

As always I hope you enjoyed this post click on the link to take a look at the website, you wont regret it! 

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