Cinematic light box review and tutorial!

30th Mar 2016

Cinematic light box review and tutorial!

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Hi everyone!!! Today I have a new product I'm reviewing for you, it's this white cinematic light box from Ginger Snap! So these have been really popular at the minute and then I found out that my mum had actually brought one of these I was super excited so I thought I would show review this and give a tutorial for you today! Before we get started I am not sponsored in anyway to do this post.

Cinematic light box review and tutorial!

So first I'm going to tell you what you will receive when you buy the pack. 

It comes with 85 coloured letter,number and Symbol cards which you will slide into the cinematic light box. A special offer I received when I brought mine was it came with an extra letter pack with a wider range of symbols. The only problem with this is that if you get the coloured letter set in the first place the extra pack is black so you will have a whole bunch of  blacks which is no biggie so yeah! 

Now let's get into the tutorial! So when you open your package you will see a pack of the coloured cards all together, you will need to separate the cards so there are only one letter/number/symbol per card! Then on the cinematic box there are slits where you can slide the cards in. Now pop 6xI.5V AA batteries (children ask for help if you need it). Switch it on using the button at the side and there you have it a glowing message!

My thoughts on this is great easy to use as it only takes around 5-10 minutes to set up and lots of fun when it comes to writing things! 

So I definatly rate this a 10/10 for excellent....well everything. So go get your from' I heart homes ' for £36 it's defiantly worth it!

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