Behind the Scenes: How I Plan My Blog Posts!

6th Jan 2018

Behind the Scenes: How I Plan My Blog Posts!

Posted by on 6th Jan 2018 | 2 comments

A couple of people have asked me how I put together and plan my blog posts. So that is what I'm sharing today.

First of all have a set book where you keep all your plans. I use a Dot Creates blog planner to keep all my post ideas in.

Once I have an idea for a post I tend to ask myself, 'If I was a reader is this something I'd like to read?' If yes, I go into planning in more depth by creating a "spider diagram" or sometimes something just simple like bullet points. Find a technique that works for you! 

Then I'll write it up in my blog planner before coping it into the laptop. Finally I'll take pictures and transfer them onto my blog if needed for that post!

I find creating content to write about is the hardest. But it should naturally come to you. Just keep your eyes open as something as simple as a word you read could spark an idea. 

I hope this was helpful! 

Livvy xxx

  • HB
    Hannah Beth Blogs 6th Jan 2018 @ 16:31

    Wow, this sounds super organised! I love your posts <3

  • L
    Livvy from East Sussex 7th Jan 2018 @ 09:34

    Thanks Hannah! This is on a good day ????????

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