Back To School

30th Jul 2016

Back To School

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Okay, lets face it. At some point you need to do the back to school shopping. The shopping I enjoy, its just the back to school bit. Anyway I have searched and collected to find you some amazing stationary ready for September. Because who doesn't like being organised hey!

So first of all I have found a really cool cheap back to school range that I wanted to share. It might sound strange but it is from Primark. Yes, primark have released a staitonary set with colours based pink and rose gold!! I could by all the range it is soo pretty, a must have for every girly girls desk. Check it out here.

Next, is geometry sets. I have struggled this year finding one that contains everything I need, but finally I found a really good deal for one on amazon. It includes a sharpener, eraser, pencil, compass, ruler and protractor. Ideal right? Get it here for £3.45

I love highlighters. They are great for school and I found these ones on smiggle. My friend actually had them last year and I fell in love with them. The set comes with 10 different scented highligters each with two ends, a more highlight block sort of end and a fine brush end. These you can buy for £8.50 here.

Being organised is really important for going back to school. For instance, getting your homework in on time. So I have found a few really cute diaries that fit in with the school year, These I found in PaperChase. Paperchase is such a cool shop. They have so many fun prints, and as I have found out, especially on diaries. This diary has two options to it. A origanal calander layout and a srapbook sort. This means one option can be for school and the other for home. Yes they are a little on the pricey side (at £14) but totally worth it. See what I'm talking about here.

This next item, again from paperchase, comes in a set. A british set as I like to call it, as its design is raindrops. Including a pencil case, notebook, mecanical pencil and a pen,this design is really cute. You can purchase yours here. BE AWARE it is a web exclusive.

I really hope I have helped and that this post isn't too long! Please check out and follow my instagram, onegirlsdreamuk, because as soon as we hit 25 follows a giveaway is coming your way. As always if you have any post ideas let me know via instagram or leave a comment below.

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