A little project....

5th Feb 2017

A little project....

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Hello Dreamers, I wanted to have a little something that I could work on and share my progress on my blog. I'm so excited to reveal it to you all!!! If you follow my Instagram then you may be aware about this little intend and if you don't already then follow me at OneGirlsDreamUK as I will be showing little snippets on there until the project is done. Enough chatter, let me share it with you all!

A little project....

Many of you may know that I love baking; from a young age I have loved working in the kitchen but it was all influenced by one special person.

Often, I go to my grandparents for sleepovers or Sunday Lunch and I help make pudding or a little snack. I first began when I was around 3 and I used to go to Nana's for the day and bring back a special treat at the end of the day. My first recipe was FlapJack and it's still one of my favourites today!!!! That's where the project comes in.....

I have decided to do a small series on my blog called "Recipes From My Nana". Aswell as my normal weekly posts there will also be a new recipe posted. These are recipes that I have both made and eaten with my Nana. Many of my favourite puddings are traditional ones that have been passed down the family!

So I really hope you enjoy reading these recipes as much as I like baking and writing about them. It's really exciting doing something like this! 

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