A Guide to Motivation

3rd Feb 2018

A Guide to Motivation

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It's 8:00 on a Sunday evening. Suddenly a wash of motivation runs over me and woosh here I am writing this post.

Happiness, Motivation, Positivity 

Three words I mentioned a lot at the beginning of the year. I was sick of being so negitive. Three words that have made my January the best it could be. I've found ways to be super motivated and I thought I'd share them.    Healthy body, Healthy mind. Tidy room, Tidy mind, These words have made me be more conscious. 

Having a chilled Sunday evening.

1. Make sure all homework is completed

2. Light a candle

3. Have a LUSH Bath Bomb

4. Use a Face Mask

5. Listen to music or an audiobook 

6. Create weekly spread for planner/fill events into your diary for the week.

7. Turn your phone off.

8. Read then get an early nights sleep.

I've done this for a couple of weeks and honestly it has made me a lot more positive and motivated for the week ahead. It's just the simple things. 


Lists, Lists, Lists, I write lists for everything. What I need to get done for the day, blog posts I want to write, products I want to try, movies I want to watch. They really help me feel motivated to do things as I like to tick things off my list. Write them on your phone, in a notebook, a post-it-note whatever you think will be the most helpful. 

Give Youself Something to Look Forward to. 

I use the app Countdown +. It allows you to put in any events to countdown to, I love having something to look foreward to and it is one of the ways I become motivated. If I have nothing to look forward to I find myself doing things half-heartedly, being so much more negitive about myself and everything I do. 

I hope these tips help! Stay motivated!

Livvy xxx


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