A Guide to a Good Nights Sleep

1st Jan 2017

A Guide to a Good Nights Sleep

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Many people (including me) struggle to get to sleep on a daily basis. So I have put together a few hacks and tips to a good nights sleep.

A Guide to a Good Nights Sleep

First of all turning off any eletronical devices such as a phone or Ipad can really improve your sleep. Screens from your device give of a blue light which strains your eyes. I turn of my devices a hour before I go to sleep and this really helps.

Another thing to try is a sleep mask. I recieved one for Christmas and ever since I have been getting really good nights sleep.Aroma Home have some great ones! Click on Aroma Home to see what I mean. Mines an owl and its super cute!

Many of you know this but lavender is a great scent for relaxing and sleep. LUSH have some lovely products to use before bed such as a bath bomb or body lotion. Talking about lavender, This Works is a great company for some amazing products for a good night sleep. I've been using the lavender pillow spray- it's so good! 

Getting into a routine before bed is really important. Try to go to bed at the same time every night, your body picks up  a routine so you find it easier to switch off. You should get beetween 8-10 hours sleep depending on your age.

I hope this helps any of you struggling. It certainly has helped me!

         Keep Dreaming!



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