A Day Trip To London!!!!!

2nd Apr 2017

A Day Trip To London!!!!!

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Morning Dreamers!!! How's your weekend!!!! If you follow my Instagram and watch my stories you may be aware that yesterday I took a trip to London!!!! The 24,350 steps I took were worth it!! I've never done a travel blog but today I am going to record the events of my trip to London!!

A Day Trip To London!!!!!

The day began with a Costa and a train journey to London!! On the way I saw many Landmarks such as: The Gherkin, The Houses of Parliment, Big Ben, The London Eye and the Shard. I took the trip with my Mum and Grandparents. 

Normally we would take The Tube or a taxi to travel but no, this time we went everywhere on foot. I think it actually makes you realise and see so much more. Next time you go to London, try it!!!! We walked through Green Park, St James' Park and Hyde Park aswell as seeing Buckingham Palace and Nelsons Column in Trafalgar Square. And we also got to watch the sight of a lorry crash into a Jaguar!!!!

After that, we went into Harrods. My mum recieved a belt for her birthday but it was too big so she went to exchange it. Unfortunatly, after walking to and fro Gucci and Harrods no belt came home with us!!! I went into the Harrods gift store and bought my sister and I model Pink Mini cars which she loved!!! 

Then after more walking past Buckingham Palce we took a well deserved lunch to Prezzo! Yummy!! Before that, we saw spotlights above Buckingham Palce and a Warner Bros Van!!! They were filming for a new film!!!!We made a new word called Linner which is a cross beetween lunch and dinner because at this point it was 4 o' clock. 

It was 5:45 but the adventures didn't stop!!! Very excitedly we took a trip to Soho!!!!!! There were laterns everywhere and the buzz of people in Theatre Land! In Carnaby Street there was a sign with the Union Jack glistening!!!! We went into the cute bakery of Crumbs and Dolies and picked up some delicious looking cupcakes!!!!! We saw a beautiful flower display outside Liberty's on our way back!!! After much hustling and bustling through Oxford Street we arrived at the Station!!!

Going to London was so fun!!! I hadn't been for two years but now I just want to go again!!!!!! Have you got any adventures to share? Comment them below or comment on my Instagram! I would love to know. 

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