7 Days of Body Creams!

20th Apr 2017

7 Days of Body Creams!

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Hello Dreamers! I want to talk about a part of beauty that I've never mentioned on my blog. Body Creams! I am one of those people who moisturises their body daily and as I have such a collection I thought I'd share a different body cream/butter/sorbet for every day of the week! Before we begin, I would like to mention that I do use a lot of The Body Shop products in this post but in no way am I sponsored to write this! Without further ado lets begin!

7 Days of Body Creams!


I like to start the week feeling fresh. A whole seven blank pages to fill! For the ulitimate fresh feeling I use my Fuji Green Tea Body Butter by The Body Shop. I had never actually smelt this before until a couple of weeks ago when I went into the store and wow. This smells incredible!!!!!! Not something I would usually turn to but I am in love right now. I've this is discontinuing but not sure if this is true!


On the second day of the week I'm usually still unmotivated but a fruity scent makes it feel so much happier!! I'm loving another Body Shop Butter in Papaya! The scent is fruity and exotic! For some reason it makes me feel really uplifted! 


If you follow my instagram, you will know that every wednesday I like to post a mid week motivational quote so a good scent is needed for the day! Recently I've been reaching for Vineyard Peach a third Body Shop scent!!!! :,)


Thursday is quite a good day for me! Nearly the end of the week so I normally go for one of my favourites! At Christmas, the Body Shop did personalised Body Butters! I got one for Christmas in the scent Vanilla Chai which I had really wanted to try. I definately wasn't disapointed! It smells very cosy and reminds me of baking!! 


On Friday I reach for a feel-good, summery scent! The Body Shop's Piñita Colada Body Sorbet has got to be one of my favourites! It gives me all the friday feels and just reminds me of warmth!!!!! The texture of this is a bit different from a butter or cream as it is a lot more lighter. I love this feeling though as it isn't as heavy!


Saturday is one of the days where I take more care on my routine! This cream reminds me of just that! I'm talking about The Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations Double Créme. This scent is so sweet and just dreamy!!! It is very nourishing on the skin as it describes it to be! 


On a Sunday I go for more of a relaxing scent. For me, that immediately screams Lush! I use their Sleepy Body Lotion which smells simply gorgeous! It really helps me sleep as I mentioned in My Guide To A Good Night Sleep post!

And thats my week in body creams! This post has been a bit of a long one and mainly consisted of The Body Shop (but who doesn't like the body shop?) Enjoy the rest of the week lovelies!!! 

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