5 Reasons why I love what I do

25th Feb 2018

5 Reasons why I love what I do

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Blogging has become a huge part of my lifestyle. I wouldn't be the same without it, but why...?

1. Photography

I love the way you can express your feelings and your passions through a click of a button. I love how you can adapt a photo to fit your blog. I love basing pictures on what write and having fun with editing them.

2. The Community 

Social Media comes hand and hand with Blogging. And although hate is a huge part of this, you get so much love and positivity from other bloggers which really makes you push on. You make so many friends through blogging!

3. The Opportunities 

I remember back in October when I went to my first bloggers event at Lush. It really made me appriciate and love blogging even more! You get so many fun opportunities!

4. Expressing my Passions

Being able to write about my favourite topics and dicuss it with my readers! 

5. Sharing The Love

I love sharing my fav accounts especially on my Instagram Stories, you get so much joy from it!

Livvy xxx

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