15 facts about me

30th Jan 2016

15 facts about me

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As I just started blogging 1 week ago I thought this was the perfect idea for a post. I hope this helps you get to know me a bit better! Lets get started!

1. My first word was dadda (daddy) 

2. My favourite food is chinese and pasta

3. I am a girly girl

4. I hate baked beans, yogurt and banana

5. I have a King Charles Spaniel called Willow and two rabbits named Cupcake and Lulu

6. I am a bookworm

7. Although I like to be called Livvy my nickname is Lola

8. My favourite subjects at school are D.T, Art and English

9. I play the Guitar

10. I have a younger sister

11. I love to shop!!!!

 12. I have made most of my familys birthday cakes ( I love baking)

13. I was born on the Fourth of May, known as star wars day ( May the force be with you) but I havn't watched any of the Star Wars films yet!

14. My favourite colour is Pink/Purple

15. I am a brunette! (Have brown hair)

So there you have it 15 facts about me! If you have any questions please comment in the comment section below, not too personal please, and I will get back to you in a Q and A! Also remember to follow and look at my instagram onegirlsdreamuk and visit here every week for new posts!

                                                          Keep Dreaming



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    Livvy from East Sussex 31st Jan 2016 @ 12:07

    More about the Q and A: If I get enough questions I will do a Q and A in the next few months!!!! Stay tuned for my January favourites coming up tomorrow!!!!!!!

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